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Expert Actuarial Services * ...
              An Actuarial Consulting  Firm ... with a Difference **
*   What services ?
Property/Casualty loss and LAE reserve evaluations, second opinion reviews, expert witness, ... [more]

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**  What IS the Difference? 
Actually, there are many.  But, they can be broken down into two categories:

Who We Are -- EAS's founder and owner draws upon an extensive and diverse experience base and brings to each assignment an enthusiastic and involved approach. 

Prior to forming EAS in 2001, Jon Michelson spent roughly 20 years as a property/casualty actuary for a national insurer, an insurance broker, a major accounting firm, and for an actuarial consulting firm.  Mr. Michelson has spent many years contributing to or leading research-related committees in the Casualty Actuarial Society.

Michelson says, "I've been married 25 years, have three grown kids, and play a decent game of tennis.  I love music, travel, and making people laugh."  So EAS is diverse experience.  EAS is involvement and leadership.  And, EAS is an actuary with a personality!  You knew there had to be one somewhere.

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EAS Approach and Philosophy -- The manner in which EAS operates and the workproduct produced stem from both Mr. Michelson's experience and from client feedback.  While details can be found in "Our Philosophy", here are  few highlights:

  • Accessibility -- 24/7/365 ... and often free!
  • Responsiveness -- We listen, we read, we respond.  Now.
  • Personal Touch -- No downward delegation.  
  • Diagnostics -- Analyzing data is more than just about generating results.  What else is it saying?
  • Information you can use -- Value added observations.

[Learn more in "Our Philosophy"]

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